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Are you ready to become mortgage-free in 10 years, transform your relationship with money, earn passive income, and learn the essential strategies to building a robust real estate portfolio for long lasting wealth with minimum risk?

What you will learn in the Cash Property Academy:

  • How to become MORTGAGE-FREE in 10 years by using the GLAD method.

  • How to TRANSFORM your relationship with money.

  • The foundational strategies to build a robust portfolio for LONG LASTING WEALTH with MINIMUM RISK.

  • How to get into real estate even if you have LIMITED FINANCIAL RESOURCES..

  • How to GROW your existing portfolio.

  • How to FIRE YOUR BOSS & use real estate to make PASSIVE INCOME.

  • How to use equity to build GENERATIONAL WEALTH for your family.

  • How to LEVERAGE OTHER PEOPLE'S WEALTH for accelerated growth, all without owning any of your own properties.

  • How to use non-traditional mortgages to MAXIMIZE your RRSP growth.

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  • #1: Control & Confidence Over Your Money Management Skills

    Learn how to become mortgage-free in 10 years & transform your relationship with money. One of your biggest debts is your mortgage. Paying off your mortgage allows you to obtain financial independence, the option to work less, & enjoy your life more.

  • #2: Get Into RE NOW for Everyone

    In today’s high-price real estate markets, you may think it’s impossible to ever own a home, let alone invest in several properties. This course covers the essential strategies to building a robust portfolio for long lasting wealth with minimum risk.

  • #3: Advanced Strategies

    This course covers advanced strategies to get into RE, especially if you have less than 50 doors, limited financial resources, want to grow your portfolio, make passive income, & leverage equity to build generational wealth.

  • #4: Super Advanced Strategies

    Are you ready to level up? This course expands on the training from the other courses. Learn advanced strategies to grow your truly passive income by leveraging other people’s wealth for accelerated growth, all without owning any of your own properties.

  • BONUS: Audiobook & Ebook Library

    Imagine having access to a library with all the top notch RE resources, books and audio recordings containing all the strategies, including mindset and success habits. All that you learn in this course is equivalent to a 4 year University program.

Meet the Instructor

Huong Luu

About Huong:

In 2016, Huong left the engineering field and dived into real estate full time. Huong developed a strategy to buy multiple properties as investments and became a self-made millionaire.

She specializes in Buy & Hold, Lease Options, single-family and multi-unit properties, mortgage financing and private lending. She brings in her own experience with property ownership and management while providing guidance with property asset management such as how to cut 10 years off your mortgage and general contractors. Huong created the Project 100-10-10

By using the simple GLAD Method, every family who has a mortgage can become mortgage-free in 10 years. She has created the “No-More-Rent” Program to help families own their home. She also has created an easy 5-Step-System to “Fire-Your-Boss” to help working professionals invest in real estate. 

Huong has the ability to find options in every situation and to simplify strategies to help you to be more successful in real estate. 

Huong’s Why

"Being from a traditional Chinese family, working hard was a must. I saw this from my parents who came to Canada with no money and was able to purchase a convenience store. Without realizing it, I started buying real estate in my 20’s to get passive income and to build financial security. I eventually grew my portfolio and have an abundance of wealth. Now, I want to help families achieve this same abundance."

Huong’s Mission Statement:

To educate in a fun and easy way for families to have time and money abundance regardless of age and education so they can live a high life-worth.


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